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Terms and Conditions
All those questions that you know you should have asked but either can’t be bothered or you only look at when something goes wrong!

If we get it wrong:

All we ask is that you give us a chance to put matters right.  

We will reimburse you any return shipping fees.

We will not only uphold your statutory rights but better them!  

You are entitled to receive a perfectly working purchase.

If all else fails, we will refund all monies.

If Royal Mail, Parcelforce etc get it wrong:

No carrier will insure the goods for damage as there is glass involved - so we do.  We will pick up the pieces and sort it out for you sending any necessary replacement as soon as possible.

Goods are insured for loss.  Royal Mail need about 2 weeks to decide they have lost something.  We will replace any lost goods and we will deal with the carriers - you do not have to do anything.

If you get it wrong:
Don’t worry, we have all made mistakes in the past (and will no doubt continue to!)

As long as you cover the return shipping costs we will take a product back and give you a complete refund including your original shipping costs.  It must, of course, be in unused condition and in original packing.  You have 14 days from receiving the goods to decide this.

If you can’t get on with your purchase don’t suffer in silence.  Let us know and we will do our best to help you.  If all else fails why not even let us consider selling it for you through our website or Ebay?

Can’t say fairer than that can we?
Want to order? Just follow these easy steps:

Method 1
The easiest and fastest way is to click on the Buy it Now button.  This automatically orders the item from the warehouse who will try to get it in the same day’s post.

Ring us on 01707 322696 and order it over the phone.  We take all main credit cards, can arrange to let you pay by Bank Transfer.  Alternatively you can send us a Postal Order, Bank Cheque or Building Society cheque.  Personal cheques are OK but need 10 days after arrival for clearance.

We aim to dispatch all confirmed orders within 1 working day of receiving cleared funds.

Please note that in the event of a problem with carriers, e.g. delays, loss or damage,  we deal with it - we do not expect customers to have to sort it out!
Tel: 01707 322696

12 Westcott
Welwyn Garden City
United Kingdom
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